In This Together

Acts 2: 42 – “All the believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, and to fellowship, and to sharing in meals (including the Lord’s Supper), and to prayer.” NLT

I have spent the past four years attempting to figure out what it means to be the “pastor” of a church. You have all been so gracious to me. Allowing me to grow, learn, and become more and more like a pastor with each passing year. I will forever be grateful for your wisdom, your help, and your forgiveness. As we begin year five I hope and pray that we will soon see a change in our “family”, “community”, “church”, or whatever you would like to call this group of believers who are trying to live together, share together, and grow together.

I was tasked with an assignment from one of my classes to come up with a sermon series many months ago. This focus on building each other up and becoming a community is what was born from my prayer and study. The early church did not have a choice in the matter. They were persecuted, hunted, imprisoned, and even killed for their belief in Jesus. They had to become a community that loved, cared, and shared in order to survive. They did so with such zeal and love that people of all nations, races, languages, and even belief systems would come to bear the name of Jesus in their community.

My prayer is that the month of July does not just see us celebrating our independence as a nation, but also the freedom to worship together as a nation. I hope that our differences will bring us together as we learn to share with each other the great gifts that God has provided for each of us.

I pray that you will join us on this journey. The more that we pray, study, and share, hopefully we will look more and more like the community that Jesus had intended when He chose to lay down His life for our sins. May we never forget the great sacrifice that brought us “together”

 – Pastor Mike

July 6, 2021

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